Awesome Cat Save A Child From Dead Situation by A Crazy Dog


Hey reader, I have awesome story to spread it all over the world specially for you cat lover (yeah) and dog lover. 

A few days ago A Wild Dog came from across the street, viciously attack a boy and drag it for a moment. And then his cat, Tara, comes to rescue and make cool head crush to save the her owner that makes the dog run away. 
Everyone often mention that Dog are protective to each children, according to research it say. But after i saw this video, i drive me to think twice about that research.
Cat as the animal that often people said that less protective than dog is making a point in this video…, 
This a real stuff, it capture by CCTV at Bakersfield, California.
Now The boy is okay, save by a cat  with a few stitches in a hand and shoulder. Damn it make a deep scar for  a kid.
the dog is reportedly classified as “under observation”. That is wrong to unleash that dog
This is some tips from ASPCA on how to deal and approach a dog. 
Dog loves you do this first
1. Ask permission from the dog’s guardian before petting an unfamiliar dog.
2. Let a dog smell your hand before petting him or her. Then pet the dog on the shoulders or chest, not the head.
3. Tell an adult immediately if you see a dog off-leash outside. Do not approach the dog yourself.
4. If a dog does lash out, “feed” the dog your jacket, bag, bicycle, or anything you can put between you and the dog.
If you do This, You get Bite
1. Touch or interrupt a dog who is sleeping, eating, chewing on a toy or bone. Dogs are more likely to bite if they’re startled or frightened.
2. Go near or pet dogs behind fences, dogs in cars, or dogs chained or tied up in yards. Dogs can be protective of their home or space.
3. Panic. If a loose dog is running toward you, avoid eye contact with the dog and stand very still, like a tree, until the dog moves away.
4. Chase or tease a dog.

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